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Volunteer Application & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Volunteers must be a minimum 10 years old.

Junior Volunteers (aged 10-15) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during all volunteer hours.

Student Volunteers aged 16-17 can perform their service work without parental guidance. However, parents are welcome to volunteer alongside a Student Volunteer as an active Adult Volunteer.

Adult Volunteers are considered 18+ years old.

Is there a commitment to volunteer?

Yes, when working directly with animals, volunteers must donate 2 hours of their time every month, for a consecutive 6-month period to remain an active volunteer.

Due to the evolving dynamic of our resort and pets, we ask that you consider whether or not you can honor this commitment before beginning the process to volunteer.

 Can I use the volunteer hours toward school requirements?

We will honor all volunteer hours toward school graduation requirements.

If you need more than 20+ hours and/or can abide by the volunteer time commitment in conjunction with and after the completion of your school hours, we encourage you to apply for our volunteer program.

I am the parent/guardian of a prospective Junior Volunteer. Do we both need to fill out the application?

Yes. Parents/Guardian volunteering alongside a Junior Volunteer (10-15) will need to fill out the application as well. It is very important that if you are the parent/guardian of a Junior Volunteer, that you include this information in the designated space within the application.

If you are wanting to volunteer alongside a Student Volunteer (16-17), we ask that you honor the volunteer time commitment as you will be considered an Adult Volunteer. Please fill out the application and note that you are the parent/guardian of a Student Volunteer in the designated space within the application.

Are there requirements for volunteering?

Yes. All volunteers are expected to follow proper protocols, present themselves in a friendly manner, and treat all staff and other volunteers with respect.

At times, volunteers will be working independently, with little to no supervision from staff. However, staff may also request volunteer assistance for a specific task. Additionally, animals in the resort can be physically demanding due to the stimulated environment. Volunteers are expected to understand what animals they physically can and cannot handle.

Volunteers are also required to adhere to our dress code that includes wearing an official Woofles Premier Pet Resort Volunteer T-Shirt.

Is there a fee to volunteer?

Junior and Student Volunteers are required to pay a $25 fee. This cost will include a Woofles Premier Pet Resort T-Shirt.

 We do strongly encourage Adult Volunteers to join as a member for $25. This fee will allow the success of our volunteer program and for celebration events for their efforts.

Volunteers will also find that this is an opportunity for a custom and unique shirt that related directly to their volunteer work at Woofles Premier Pet Resort.

I have a question that was not answered. Who can I contact?

Please contact for more information about the Volunteer Program. You may also contact Beth Gilligan, owner, at (412) 249-8201.

I have read through the FAQS and want to volunteer! What is the next step?

Great!!! If you believe this volunteer program is the right fit for you, please complete the Volunteer Application.

We will contact you after receipt of your application submission.

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