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Woofles is Expanding!!!

Woofles is proud to announce the expansion of Woofles Littles & Cafe Woofles.

Due to the expansion, new client registrations are in high demand.  Please be patient as we will contact you when you are next in line.  Thank you! 

                                      Woofles is not a kennel…We are a “Home-away-from-Home”

Dropping your beloved pet off for lodging at a place they are not familiar or comfortable with can cause excessive anxiety and fear while the family is away. We believe your beloved pet deserves better. At Woofles, our desire is for your beloved pup to be happy, comfortable and relaxed to enjoy themselves at their "home-away-from-home".  In order to accomplish this goal and to become a client at Woofles, your beloved pet will be required to attend daycare with us at a minimum of 1 day per month, every month, to establish consistent, safe and social relationships amongst our other dogs.  For lodging, your pup will need to attend daycare 3 times prior to allowing them to stay.  This will give them plenty of time to become comfortable with us so they will enjoy their stay without anxiety.  Woofles Premier Pet Resort is Pittsburgh’s ONLY facility with cage free lodging where a loving attendant will sleep overnight in bed with your beloved pup. 

                                                                 We are proudly Pittsburgh’s BEST resort!!!

Before registering, please make sure all information above is read and acknowledged...

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