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Our story


"If you think our hands are full, wait until you see our hearts"

Being able to work with animals on a daily basis is what we consider the dream job of a lifetime.  But we don't see it as a job...we see it as God's driven purpose to reach the souls of the speechless.  A passion that drives the desire to provide the best of the best for your beloved fur babies.  

You see, the two beautiful angels you see below taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.  The impact they have left on my heart has forever changed my understanding of how deep the connection can be between human and animal.  

I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to have been blessed to be called their Mama.  They have changed my life forever.  

Until we meet again, my luvs...

Bob  (2003-2018)  Marley  (2006-2019)


At Woofles, it is our mission to not only provide the best and most thorough concierge services available but to enjoy, experience and share the love and compassion between pet and human.  They say a dog can sense a good person.  We can't wait to see the tail wags when they meet us. 


The care of your pet is our primary concern and our purpose. We will strive to offer a quality of care for your pets beyond the standard level. We value the health and well being of all pets under our care.   


Meet the Owner


Beth Gilligan

If you know me, you know how truly passionate I am for fur-babies; it is undeniable!  With my own personal business experience and former experience as a local pet resort manager, I have chosen to branch out into the pet industry and expand the amazing relationships and rapport I have built with many families and their pets.  Developing a unique pet transportation and concierge service is just the beginning of what is to come at Woofles.  We personally understand how important it is that you place the trust of your pet in safe, experienced, and comfortable hands. Everything we do at Woofles Premier Pet Resort & Concierge Services is carefully considered with your pets health, safety and well-being in mind. We want you and your family members to feel at peace!  We are devoted to exceptional personal attention to your beloved pet.

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